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From: Virtuwul - Professional Acoustic Player

Dear Fellow Guitarist,

Do you sometimes wish you could just pick up the acoustic guitar and play your favorite songs flawlessly?

Have you ever dreamed of being able to create a song instantly, as the emotions flow from your heart and soul?

Are you frustrated with the speed of your progress with being able to truly master the acoustic guitar and all of it's amazing elements?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, I've got some exciting news for you...

I've got the insider shortcuts, secrets and techniques that will make you a master acoustic guitarist in record time. If this sounds good, then read on. Together, we're gonna make it happen.

Personally, I think there is nothing more fun than picking up an acoustic and playing some of my favorite songs or my own songs.

Learning guitar has been an amazing journey. When I was 13, we put on a show at school, played a few hit songs and everyone started cheering. I've been hooked from that moment. It was a life-changing experience.

Now, after playing the guitar seriously for 17 years, I still enjoy rocking out with the electric sometimes. But, 90% of the time, I love just playing the acoustic. I actually started teaching when I was only 16 years old.

Anyone can hide behind a wall of distortion, delay and reverb on the electric guitar. But, few people can play the acoustic and make every note come to life majestically... And this my friend, is what I want to help you achieve.

To Become an Acoustic Guitar God,
You have to Master the Details...

Any Joe Blow can learn a "G chord" in five minutes. The question is can he do three basic kinds of G and know when to play each one? Can he do a pull-off transition from G to C? Does he know when to do G to G7?

These are the details that differentiate a pro and an amateur. This is just ONE example of what I want to teach you.

Here is the Key to Being Able to
Play Virtually Any Song you Want
In Five Minutes Flat...

Once you learn the advanced techniques, the strumming mastery, the picking patterns, the various chords and their variations, the advanced chord progressions and what I call making your guitar sing... This powerful combination of techniques is what creates: Acoustic Mastery... And with it, you'll play any song you want within minutes.

That might sound like a wild claim but I swear to God it is true. I know because I do it all the time, and YOU CAN DO IT TOO, once you know what I know...

With the course, you'll get this song tabbed out so you can learn it easily. Plus, I'll show you how you can create your own majestic acoustic guitar masterpieces.

Recently Claude Johnson came to my home in Central America and we went crazy with three cameras. I did a "brain dump" of my 17 years of playing experience, and we recorded 3 DVDs jam packed with three hours of intense material. I wanted to capture every nuance and detail.

Now, let me share with you what I consider the 7 critical steps to mastering the acoustic guitar...

Step 1 to Acoustic Mastery:
Chord mastery

Chords are the building blocks of an acoustic of a foundation. They are the words so that you can put a sentence together. Here is an vital secret that most guitarists do not realize. Each "E chord" is not created equal. Each chord has a different frequency, so to become a master you should know each variation and when to use them.

In this section I start off with all the basic cords but then I start going beyond...
  • You will learn open A chords and semi-open E cords. Those have tremendous depth to playing.
  • How to go from Asus2 to Asus4 to A7.
  • All of your bar chords on the E and A strings, it is critical to know both.
  • How to play E minor 7 in two positions so you can switch the sound for more flavor...
  • Uncommon, but awesome open-voiced chords like Gsus2.
  • For advanced guitarists and jazz lovers Claude even shows a few cool jazzy chords. These are mind opening to say the least. Wild stuff with string-skipped "fat" voicings.

You want to play rock on the acoustic?

Then you need to know how to play special acoustic semi-power chords. These will make you sound like a rock God instantly.

Of course there is a lot more, but let's move on. This is just the beginning.

Step 2 to acoustic mastery:
Killer strumming patterns.

Strumming is the next part of your foundation to achieve acoustic mastery and there is a lot of nuances to strumming, such as...

  • What is the best pick for your acoustic? Most guitarists don't have a clue. In fact, they often choose the wrong pick because it's the opposite of what you need for lead guitar.
  • The most important tool you need to become "tight". Without this, you'll never be ready to play in a band or with someone else. I'll show you exactly how I use it on the video.
  • Why your feet are the most important body part for your timing.
  • How to create a killer strum rhythm from scratch. This is a huge key to solid song writing and playing live.
  • How and when to use rake chords and harmonic rake chords to really add a lot of edge to your playing.
  • How and when to use down strokes, up strokes and combos.
  • How to "clean up" your strumming. This is how you go from sloppy to great. It is really simple once you know how...
  • Want the secret to playing like a pro? Then you need to know how to do sweep strums, reverse sweep strums and partial chord strumming...

Plus, I decode some of the most classic 70's rock songs ever.

And after that we go into...

Step 3 to acoustic mastery: Technical Mastery

Okay now you know your chords, you know how to strum, it is time for the next layer, killer techniques.

Here is what I have in store for you...

Slide chords... this is one of my favorite ways to transition from chord to chord, especially bar chords... A lot of you wrote to Claude and said you struggle with switching bar chords. Well that will be a problem of the past after you learn this amazing technique...

For those that are intermediate to advanced, you'll know how I slide from major to minor chords and vice versa...

Want to become an acoustic master? Then you need to learn the art of killer transitions. This is the secret that every top guitarist uses...

Killer transitions are what will make you sound like an acoustic master. It is what makes Steve Vai and Joe Satriani the wizards they are. I'm NOT Vai or Satriani, but I WILL show you how you can create your own mind blowing transitions on the acoustic.

I'll show you some killer transitions including:

  • How to make a simple E chord come to life and blow everybody's mind.
  • How to make a super smooth switch from A Major to D.
  • Wicked pull-off transitions from G to C.
  • How to switch effortlessly from AMinor to Asus2 to Asus4 or DMajor to Dsus2 to Dsus4.
  • How Pink Floyd uses this technique in their classic Wish You Were Here.

Love Eric Clapton
and Neil Young?

Then you'll definitely dig it when I decode parts of Heart of Gold and Wonderful Tonight and much, much more.

The next step to acoustic mastery
is Step 4: Picking Mastery

I am not bragging so I'll just tell you what other guitarists have told me. Dozens of great guitarists have told me my picking is world class, including Claude Johnson. That is one of my biggest strengths as a guitarist because I understand a few key concepts that I want to share with you and teach you how to use.

Here is the secret to becoming a picking master. The answer is picking patterns... I have never heard another guitarist talk about this but once you understand this you'll easily be able to decode and play any complex guitar part.

This is another critical key to becoming an amazing songwriter.

And songwriting is my #1 passion. And, I want to share a secret with you that I learned when I met a famous rock star...

A World-Class Songwriter with
Dozens of Huge Hits Once Told Me...

"Every great song is written on the acoustic."
That's right, great acoustic guitar playing is a master key to naturally becoming a great songwriter...

In fact, once you understand these techniques you'll be light years ahead of every other guitarist and you'll be one step closer to becoming a world class songwriter that everyone respects.

Metallica... Radio Head...
U2... Alan Jackson
They all use this secret.

Every one of these bands and also country artists use picking patterns to create their masterpieces. Most of them are not even aware of it because it is just second nature to them. So for those of us that are not "gifted", this is the key to unlocking your creativity on the guitar.

Finger picking secrets revealed...

In the video, I play one of the most beautiful classical guitar pieces ever written. It is a great piece to start learning finger picking from because it is not impossibly hard to play. In fact, I think you'll be able to learn it in one evening.

And do not worry. I spent an hour writing out all the tabs so that you can just follow along and practice with the tablature.

Every Serious Acoustic Player
Needs to Learn
Finger Plucking Techniques...

Finger plucking is when you use your pick along with one of your fingers. This creates one of the sweetest guitar tones possible... And it's incredibly versatile because you can go from slick strumming to soft finger plucking in an instant.

I show you a ton of examples including parts from Metallica and some of my own songs as well. This is A MUST HAVE TECHNIQUE for all acoustic guitarist...

Also, Claude Johnson makes a special guest appearance and shows you what is possible when he plays a majestic guitar piece written by Sebastian Bach, the legendary classical composer.

Step 5 to Acoustic Mastery is
Chord Progression Mastery

Chords are like the words of the language of music... Chord progressions are like full of sentences. So if you want to speak fluent guitar you need to know chord progressions.

In the video, I show some of the coolest chord progressions ever, from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Metallica, many more...

But that's nothing. When you purchase Acoustic Mastery you'll also get an exclusive bonuses, revealing the Greatest Chord Progressions of All Times.

I personally spent several hours researching and looking at some of the most successful songs ever written and I wrote down their simple chord progressions.

Here is why I think learning chord progressions is way better than tabs. Tabs locks you in... but with chord progressions you are free to put your own style into it. You can just look at the chord progressions and go for it... creating your own killer version of that song.

Also, by learning these chord progressions

You are Getting the Blueprints to
Million-Dollar Hit Songs...

By learning these chord progressions, you are essentially downloading the success blueprint right into your nervous system and when you write your own music, your own songs, it will be there to help you.

And that is not the best part...

In Step 6 of Acoustic Mastery
You'll Learn the Secret to
Making Your Guitar Sing

This goes way beyond technique. In fact, I have met a lot of technical guitar wizards who did not have a clue how to make their guitar sing. Sure, they could play fast; they were tight; they had every technique in the book. But none of that makes your guitar sing.

And this, my friend, is where world-class songwriting begins.

In Acoustic Mastery, I show you a ton of examples of how I use this secret to write some of my best songs. If you are serious about becoming a successful songwriter then you need to know this stuff.

The 7th step to Acoustic Mastery is
How to play with another guitarist...

I really wish every guitarist would learn this because nothing is more frustrating than jamming with someone who does not have a clue and thinks he does. And this happens all the time.

On the other hand, playing with a guitarist that understands the two-person dynamic or the band dynamic is an incredibly liberating experience that can fuel hours of fun.

In Acoustic Mastery you'll learn several techniques for 2-guitar rhythm playing.

If you listen to Slash and Izzy from the early days of Guns n' Roses , they were both playing different parts at the same time and it sounded killer. If you want to play in a band, do not even think about joining one before you know how to write 2-guitar rhythm arrangements.

There is also...

The Secret Step 8 to Acoustic Mastery

Most guitarists will never know or even hear about this, and most that hear about it never try it or explore it. It is...

"The Secret World of
Alternate Tunings"

I have been fascinated with alternate tunings now for almost a decade and I can promise you it is incredibly fun and an exciting adventure.

The funny thing is most guitarists are "afraid" of alternate tunings. Maybe you already knew that alternate tunings mean new possibilities on the guitar, but, I bet you didn't realize how much fun these tunings are, and how easy it is to play with them and create exciting new riffs.

In Acoustic Mastery, I decode, demystify and show you how to play three totally different alternate tunings that will blow your mind.

I explain how you can explore the neck, how to find where the basic positions are for any tuning, and how to create your own wild new riffs.

"Acoustic Mastery is Perfect For..."

Beginners... This three DVD collection will give you weeks, even months of materials to digest. But, that's great! This is not a "learn everything overnight" course.

And do not worry... I go step by step by step... just start with the beginning and watch everything.

I honestly believe Acoustic Mastery will save you years of trial and error, maybe even decades, and there is enough material here that you'll not have to buy another guitar course for a long time.

Intermediate guitarists... This is what you have been waiting for. I promise that Acoustic Mastery will catapult your playing to the advanced or even elite level in record time.

I suggest you spend 15 to 30 minutes a day reviewing and practicing each sequent Acoustic Mastery one at a time. Within a month or two, you'll be playing stuff you never dreamed possible. I promise and I guarantee with my own money that this is the perfect course for you.

Even if you consider yourself an advanced guitarist, I think you will discover a goldmine of cool new stuff on Acoustic Mastery. Also, this video will help you approach the guitar from a songwriting perspective, which even many advanced players struggle with.

You Can Master All The Acoustic Styles...

Want to rock on the acoustic? I was a hard rock guitarist for most of my life so that is hard-wired into me. You'll totally dig the classic rock riffs as well as the modern rock that I decode for you... So you can incorporate into your playing.

What about blues? All the techniques apply perfectly to playing killer blues. Claude is even throwing in a special bonus called "The Five Quintessential Blues Chord Progressions".

What about metal? Some of the baddest metal songs start with acoustic picking riffs. I'll show you some of the best parts of some classic Metallica songs.

What about classical guitar? Classical is a world of its own but Acoustic Mastery is a great place to start. I'll show you all of the basic techniques like finger plucking, as well as how to play one of the greatest classical guitar pieces ever. (which is not that hard to play!)

Even jazz is part of this video: You will see Claude and I play some cool little jazz passages together. Claude will give you some basics of jazz and some great tips to get you started.

If You Are Serious...
Here's Why You Need To Buy NOW...

Only 1000 "First Edition" Copies of Acoustic Mastery Will Ever Be Sold!

I forced Claude to promise he would edit out 2 super cool video clips of us jamming on 2 of my songs... I think they are great examples of how to play with someone else... We even do some cool commentary afterwords... Further editions will not include this exclusive bonus footage.

First, I am forcing Claude to sell only 1,000 premium first editions of Acoustic Mastery.

When we filmed, we jammed up two of my songs live. Claude and I really meld well together. However, I am a perfectionist when it comes to my music and I do not want more than 1,000 copies to be "out there". I sang the songs and the truth is I am not a lead singer. I don't feel these songs are an honest representation of my music.

The second reason you should act now is... You can get...

The Secrets to Great Song Writing

Attention All Songwriters!

I am going to give a special 1 hour audio seminar called: "The Secrets To Great Songwriting"... You will get your most burning songwriting questions answered here... PRICELESS BONUS FOR SERIOUS SONGWRITERS!

If you are looking to become a master songwriter then this is the bonus that can easily be worth more than the price of the entire course.

So, What's The Deal?

This video far exceeds the production standards of virtually every other guitar product on the internet. We hired a top-notch camera crew with 3 cameras and a world-class editor to put it together. It was an expensive video to make, but I'm glad we spent the money because I want this course to be one of the finest guitar videos ever made.

If you compare this to guitar lessons, you'll save a fortune. It would take you at least 50 lessons to learn this, which could cost at least $1000 or more. You are saving yourself a small fortune and years of frustration by taking advantage of this amazing offer.

A VERY FAIR PRICE for this 3-DVD package is: $97... (See Special Summer Price)

Of course, we want to sweeten the pot... So here's a list of cool bonuses that will boost your playing and your knowledge to the next level.


Acoustic Mastery Bonus #1: 10 Classic Rock Chord

Progressions of All Times" bonus... So, you can learn the magical chord progressions used by: The Beatles, CCR, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Don MacLean, Bob Dylan and more...

Acoustic Mastery Mystery Bonus #2 - Blues Lovers Rejoice!

There's a lot of variations on the old' I IV V... Claude shows you 10 of the most potent ones. This report is guaranteed to expand your blues horizons....

Acoustic Mastery Mystery Bonus #3 - Modern Rock Fans Will Dig It!

I decode some of the most popular modern rock songs's chord progressions for you...

Acoustic Mastery Mystery Bonus #4 - Advanced Guitarists Will Love This One!

In this special 5 page report, Claude reveals advanced concepts such as harmonic structures, voice leading, parellel and contrary motion, intervals, and then we'll bring everything back to roots rock with some practical examples...

Acoustic Mastery Mystery Bonus #5 - Jazz Enthusiasts Will Be Vibbing Hard!

Selected from the greatest jazz standards and arrangments of all time, personally aranged on the guitar, by Claude Johnson...

Acoustic Mastery Mystery Bonus #6 - Country Fans Will Be Dancing with Joy!

I do all the hard work of finding the best country chord progressions for you to learn from..

Acoustic Mastery Mystery Bonus #7 - Want To Write Beautiful Love Songs?

Then you'll want to pay close attention to this juicy report... It reveals the simply magic used by some of the most popular ballads in history...

Acoustic Mastery Mystery Bonus #8 - Want To Go Where Few Guitarists Have Ever Gone Before?

This special report will open doors that few guitarists willl ever know exist...

Want To Cut Your Learning Time in Half?

In this simple report, I'll help you cut your learning time in HALF, when I show you the proper way to learn new guitar skills...

Acoustic Mastery Mystery Bonus #10 - Wild Chord Time!

There's are a few "finger stretchers" in this bunch. Some far out jazz chords that will expand your chord vocabulary immediately...

And you have 180 days to
Review, use and abuse Acoustic Mastery.

And if you are not totally blown away... Then, for God's sake return it -- and Claude will give you your money back, no questions asked.

I asked Claude to give you a six-month unconditional guarantee because there is so much stuff it might take you a little while to digest everything.

If You Are Serious About Becoming
An Acoustic Master then Click Here Now..

So time is running out. Other guitarists are buying this right now and getting these cool bonuses so I strongly suggest that you take out your credit card, click on the link below and go through PayPal, the most trust credit card processor on the Internet.

I salute you,

Your Acoustic Maestro,


P.S. Do not forget - this course is backed by an 365-day money back guarantee. I'm putting my money and my reputation on the line so you can improve your guitar skills. Honestly, I think you're gonna love these DVDs.

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