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Magical Sounding Guitar Technique

There’s a simple yet powerful technique that will make simple chords
sounds “majestic”, it’s called finger plucking — and it’s certainly part
of mastering the acoustic. Check out this clip , where Virtuwul demonstrates
a cool plucking lick!

Watch the video and try it out on your guitar right now!

There’s 2 examples here… The first one is about “Fighting Fire” and
the second one is an example from one of Virtuwul’s songs.

In Acoustic Mastery, you will learn to develop this technique through simple but powerful exercises. After that, you can play more complex examples, such as these two in this video!

Killer Picking Patterns

Acoustic Mastery is a blend of many techniques…

But one of the most important of them all is mastering the picking patterns.

Virtuwul teaches several key picking patterns we should memorize, and then gives examples…

In this example, he takes a simple G, D, C progression and heats it up with an advanced picking pattern, reminiscent of Clapton’s song “Wonderful Tonight”…

Become The Stars

“Become the Stars” is one of several of Virtuwul’s songs that he plays on Acoustic Mastery….These songs are perfect examples of how to combine many techniques together in creating killer riffs and songs…

He’s masterfully picking an interesting version of the Amaj guitar chord combined with pull offs… As well as an interesting way to “enter” C#min chord… and many other cool guitar techniques.

-Claude J.


“Killer Riff”

Hi My Friend,

How are you? Thanks for checking out the blog
again… We appreciate it…

So, the answer to the question: “What is Virtuwul’s
guitar secret?” in the last video and also in today’s

Now, that by itself isn’t much of a “secret”…
A lot of you already know THAT…

The question is: Do you know how to use them?
Do you know how to approach the guitar with an
alternate tuning? What are the coolest alternate
tunings to use? How can you write music with it?

and more…

Virtuwul shows you how to play: 3 COMPLETELY
DIFFERENT TUNINGS… This isn’t “drop D” either… LOL.
This is basically like having a completely 3 NEW GUITARS!

Check out today’s clip as Virtuwul shows you his favorite
alternate “rock out” tuning…

It’s a killer riff…

AND DON’T WORRY! Virtuwul actually wrote the tabs
out for all this stuff even the alternate tunings…


Claude Johnson

Real Guitar Secrets

Some guitarists claim there’s no such thing as a “guitar secret”… Well, we beg to differ… Here’s Virtuwul using a little known “secret”… Can you figure it out? If you think you have the answer please write a comment in the blog… Feel free to take a guess!

Claude J


There’s a simple yet powerful technique that will make simple chords
sounds “majestic”, it’s called finger plucking — and it’s certainly part
of mastering the acoustic. Check out this clip , where Virtuwul demonstrates
a cool plucking lick!

Watch the video and try it out on your guitar right now!

Virtuwul Teaches Acoustic Mastery

Hey folks, Claude Johnson here… Very proud to introduce Virtuwul’s new DVD course: Acoustic Mastery.
It’s chock-full of cool lessons. For instance…

Can you take a simple G chord, D chord and C chord and make it sound like a million bucks? Sure you can — using a few powerful guitar techniques such as transitions, pull offs, hammer ons and more…

Watch Virtuwul transform a few simple guitar chords into “magic”…